The silo

at the heart of the COOP, enter the main silo of the former mill.

The casting

Brusselian, Walloon, Flemish, Polish, Hungarian, Russian, Spanish, Italian, Turkish, Moroccan, Togolese, Romania: all are among the canal’s people and will meet you for a casting.

The auditorium

An auditorium with a view for your activities

The Café Coop

The unmissable COOP cafeteria, a small menu and two daily specials for a lovely day at the COOP.


The park

Thanks to the kindness of ELIA, come and discover the lost wood of the ancient estate of the Moulart millers family.

The biosphere

A wetland on the roof to better understand the Brussels ecosystem between the Senne and the canal



Go up to the panorama! Come and marvel at Brussels which stretches out before you.


A strange tier and a sloping stage for any original suggestions.