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The COOP, a 5.099m² site bordering the canal in Anderlecht, opens its doors this Monday 3 October 2016 in the presence of Mayor Eric Tomas, Ministers Rudi Vervoort, Didier Gosuin, Fadila Laanan and Pascal Smet, representatives of, the ERDF Fund, the Port of Brussels, Abattoir SA, architects, the chairman of the cooperative company with… Read more »

28 /10/16 Day of meetings and workshops around free digital tools+

  The world of free software offers many concrete, effective and ethical solutions to support and facilitate your life as a teacher, an activist! The four digital freedoms*
– agree with the values ​​set by the association: collaboration, participation and transparency in a democracy.
– are distinct from what is intended for consumption, and, in the face… Read more »

COOP discoveries big open house day

On 9 November, we are lifting the veil on COOP – the canal discovery centre – Everyone is welcome – children, adults, schools, associations, neighbours, residents of Brussels and elsewhere alike! Numerous workshops, activities, discovery walks, a permanent exhibition and many other things at the COOP – one of the most amazing buildings in Brussels…. Read more »

Pre-opening for teachers from December to April: Free workshops

Between December and April 2017, COOP is inviting primary and secondary school teachers to come and experience life-size activities organised for groups of children and young people. Come and spend three hours with our leaders at the COOP between 1.00pm and 4.00pm to discover how the place operates, all the equipment supplied and the various… Read more »

Stage carnaval au coop

Coop a offering a two-day workshop during carnival holidays during which children will discover the canal’s districts through theatre, construction, painting, nature and more. 27 and 28 February from 9.00am to 4.00pm – €5/day for children from 6 to 12 years old – info and booking (mandatory): 02/899.93.00 or

COOP: At the heart of business events

Since the launch, more than 15 projects from all walks of life have benefited from the exceptional, practical and original setting of the COOP to organise their events. A dynamic space offering every useful service for debates, meetings, symposiums or even conferences and which has already attracted many… Read more entities. In particular, we have… Read more »

COOP: A special educational space

Since December, the COOP has continued to innovate and now allows primary and secondary level teachers to discover an imaginative and creative range of thematic workshops for children at no cost. This is how the teachers of the Maurice Carême school in Anderlecht were recently able to explore the environment and ecosystem of the… Read… Read more »

COOP: An inexhaustible place of discoveries

At the COOP, February was undeniably a month of discoveries. And especially for young people and those who, through their careers, make discoveries on a daily basis. First of all, the Dutch-speaking teachers of Anderlecht’s schools were able to participate in a workshop for the construction of… Read morewood. Thanks to another workshop on textile… Read more »

COOP: in March, projects are awarded

As part of its services to businesses, COOP hosts the non-profit organisation Prométhéa, dedicated to the development of corporate sponsorship in the fields of culture and heritage. And on Friday, 10 March, it was therefore quite natural that the association should choose the COOP’s special space to present the prize…Read more aKCess and the Boost… Read more »

COOP: run of the river…

At the end of March, Brussels put emphasis on water with Brussels water days. With the Senne at its feet, the COOP was the ideal contributor. A workshop “Landscape & Water in Cureghem” was therefore specially designed, created and envisioned for the occasion. One hundred children from 9 to 12 years of age attending school… Read more »


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