Catherine Goyens

A sociologist by training and a self-made handywoman, I’m passionate about the city, its inhabitants and education. I like to discover and let others discover, and to open up to historical, social, technical and artistic oddities – through imagination or reality.

Domitienne Cuvelier

Nature transforms and invents unceasingly.
With a flock of curious children by my side, and my nature-guide and visual-artist caps on my head, I try to follow them and draw inspiration from them.
Experimenting, creating, gleaning, strolling, meeting, appropriating public space, living in a place and questioning one’s history, dreaming, sharing, discovering, observing, treading unknown paths, marveling at natural phenomena, taking time to discover, smiling at the arrival of a new question…

Julie Duquesne

A visual artist trained in Saint-Luc, I’ve been involved in young people’s and adults’ entertainment for a long time. Involved in various socio-cultural projects, I like to question the theme of community, solidarity and citizenship. Graphic design is one of my skills, which leads me to share with you the joy of engraving and the composition of image in order to convey ideas.